Office Policies

We provide the highest quality care to our patients and strive to run the practice efficiently. Kindly assist us in achieving these goals by complying with our office policies.

  • Office hours: Our regular office hours are from 8 am to 5 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays; 8 am to 6 pm on Tuesdays; and from 1 pm to 4 pm on Fridays. The office is closed for lunch break daily, between 12 pm and 1 pm.
  • We understand you may have multiple concerning medical issues but given the current state of insurance-based healthcare practice, we suggest that you limit your visit to 1-2 problems. We may schedule more time for the visit should you have multiple medical concerns that need to be addressed at a visit. Please inform our staff when calling for appointments, and we will schedule you accordingly. The provider may also recommend you return for follow-up visits to better address your additional medical issues.
  • At GHENTMD we place a great deal of emphasis on preventative health. An annual physical is required of all our patients. During the visit the provider physical assessment, current health status, reviews medications, assesses cancer screening and other health preventive measures to ensure they are up to date. Also reviewed are immunization needs, lifestyle choices and establishing a plan for your health.
  • Well visits for annual health maintenance checks are preventative by design and typically include physical evaluation and laboratory work. Some insurance plans will not cover additional problem-orientated services on the same day of service as a well visit. If you request the evaluation of a medical problem that requires evaluation and possibly treatment at a well visit, you will be responsible for the cost of the portion of the visit not covered by your insurance as it is up to the patient to know what their plan will allow. Usually, wellness exams are covered by insurance, but your insurance may not cover all expenses involved with the visit, such as labs or tests.
  • Referrals – If your provider recommends referral to a specialist or for diagnostic testing that requires a referral, we will ensure that this occurs as soon as possible. Some referrals are contingent on the review of your medical records and/or the booking capacity of the specialist’s office. Occasionally, referrals cannot be immediately processed because they require insurance prior authorization. New requests for referrals require an evaluation visit with a provider.
  • Medication Refill Policy – Medications will be prescribed with enough refills until you are due for a follow up visit to reassess the condition and applicable medication. It is your responsibility to make a follow up appointment for medication refills before you run out. We recommend routine follow up visits at least every 6 months, depending on your medical condition. Medication refill requests may be sent electronically, or faxed to GHENTMD at (855) 450-1054, by your pharmacy. Please note that medication refill requests may take up to 3 days to process, therefore, plan accordingly.
  • Controlled Substance Policy – All controlled substances require an office visit. We participate in the Arizona Prescription Monitoring Program. Should opioids be deemed necessary following clinical review, they will be prescribed for no longer than FIVE (5) days for the management of acute pain. For chronic pain management, except in a few instances and at the discretion of the provider, a determination for ongoing care and need for opioid prescription is made on a case-by-case basis and according to clinical guidelines. A Pain Management Contract is required for chronic pain management. Refills on all DEA Schedule II medications including narcotics (opioids) and certain stimulant medications require MONTHLY visits. This is due to the potential for abuse, safety concerns and risk of dependence on these medications.
  • Insurance Policies: Please refer to GHENTMD’s Patients Financial Obligation for details of our Insurance Policies. Some insurance may require you to designate a PCP for care to be provided to you. Dr. Anthony Aghenta is a primary care provider.
  • Cash pay – We provide primary care services at affordable prices for cash pay and non insurance carrying patients. Payment is due at the time of service. Please contact GHENTMD office for prices. Diagnostics and laboratory fees are not included with office visit fees.
  • Form Completion Policy – Forms requiring medical review and physician signature including FMLA paperwork, Short Term Disability, and certain miscellaneous patient requests require an office visit. During the visit, an assessment for referral to a specialist(s) for further evaluation and management may be determined. Forms when completed will be made available to you in 5 business days. Please note, we DO NOT perform or complete Long-Term Disability Forms and Evaluations. For the completion of forms or writing of letters not related to a scheduled office visit, GHENTMD will charge an administrative fee.
  • Requests for Medical Records – Requests for medical records will be honored only when accompanied by a properly filled/signed records release form. Medical records released to a specialist, new provider or school for care continuity will be forwarded at no charge. Medical records released to the patient, law firm, some insurance companies or miscellaneous agencies, are subject to copying fees. Please allow up to 7 business days for processing of requested medical records.
  • After Hours – Please utilize our regular office hours for appointment scheduling, prescription refills and management of non emergency medical conditions. In an after hours emergency situation, call the office number (480) 935-8855, and you will be directed to the on-call provider’s service number. Kindly note that after regular hours we will not call in medication refills or antibiotics. No controlled substance medications will be called in after hours.
  • Reports of tests- If test results are normal, we will notify you over the phone. Should test results be abnormal, we may call you over the phone to inform you. Please note however that certain abnormal test results will require you to set up a visit as these may require further testing, reassessment and/or diagnostic or specialist referrals.