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Committed to the attainment of optimal health and healing

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Mission Statement

GhentMD is a patient-centered primary, acute and chronic care medical practice integrating health and wellness. We are dedicated to helping those who suffer from stress, fatigue, pain, sexual dysfunctions and effects of aging.

Medical Advances

We have embraced the exciting medical advances of regenerative and age management medicine to optimize healing and reverse aging and degeneration at a cellular level.

As the founder, Anthony Aghenta, MD, FACP, is committed to serving patients at our state-of-the-art clinic in Gilbert, Arizona.

Our experienced and highly trained staff provides a wide range of services.

  • Primary Care
  • Aesthetics
  • Sexual Health
  • IV Nutrient Therapy
  • Telehealth
  • Weight Management
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Concierge Medicine

We are focused on delivering high-quality personalized care and identifying the root cause of disease.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help our patients achieve and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle by combining conventional primary care with nutrition, exercise and quality alternative therapies.

We offer patient-centered, integrative treatment programs to help manage the effects of aging, optimize healing potential and be in control of your health. Our protocols offer modern, cutting-edge treatments.

  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
  • Feminine Rejuvenation
  • Hair Loss Treatment
  • Non-Surgical Skin Tightening
  • Erectile Dysfunction

Charm Patient Portal

MicroNutrient Testing

Shockwave Therapy- Performance Enhancement

Shockwave Therapy- Performance Enhancement

Various clinical studies on erectile dysfunction demonstrated a significant improvement in perfusion and the formation of new vessels which is crucial for a high level of patient acceptance and a successful application.



The high energy radial shockwaves scientifically proved to have a large impact on collagen structure and the skin connective tissue, improving blood circulation. It stimulates collagen formation, while the skin becomes more elastic and its firmness is visible after only a few treatments. Thanks to the ZWave radial shockwave unit, it is also possible to significantly improve skin firmness, skin elasticity and collagen regeneration. Fat reduction, for example, after CryolipolysisTM or injection lipolysis is also enhanced by using the ZWave.

Our Team


Anthony Aghenta, MD FACP

Founder/Medical Director


Veronica Fernandez

Aesthetician and Certified Laser Technician

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