ED Treatment in Gilbert, AZ

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects millions of men around the country. This condition is when a man regularly has difficulties maintaining or getting an erection. If you suffer from ED, then you can get treatment. At GhentMD, we provide reliable ED treatment options in Gilbert, AZ. This condition is nothing to be embarrassed about, so come in sooner rather than later to have it treated.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

ED has many causes and is often linked to larger health concerns. Anything that affects your hormones, blood flow, or nerve supply can cause ED. This can be heart troubles, high blood pressure, or injuries. Psychological factors can also play a role. At our clinic, we’ll work with you to determine the cause of your ED. This way we can find the right ED health treatment for your unique situation.

Because ED is often a side effect of a larger health issue, we suggest visiting our clinic as soon as you suspect that you have it. This way, you will not need to worry about your sex life becoming frustrated and can sooner get other issues diagnosed and treated. Some men are hesitant to bring up any issues they’ve had, but we have seen many with ED and will always treat you with professionalism.

What Treatments Are Available?

At our clinic, we have a variety of treatment options available. Our two main options are Shockwave and PRP injections . Both are non-surgical procedures and can safely ease symptoms of ED. Which treatment we will suggest depends on why you have ED, your health history, and your preferences. As always, before any treatment, we’ll carefully explain the pros and cons to it so that you are fully informed.

Don’t live with ED anymore. Instead, visit GhentMD in Gilbert, AZ, for ED treatment. Schedule an appointment with our experienced doctors by calling us at (480) 935-8855.