Why you should have a Primary Care Physician in Your Life?

It would be great to have a primary care physician in Gilbert, AZ, no matter how old or healthy you are. They are your reliable medical home and constant support for maintaining a healthy life. The primary care physician is your go-to for every healthcare need, including non-emergency illnesses, routine screenings, and wellness visits. They can also refer you to a specialist if the need arises.

We bring to you the top 6 reasons you need a primary care doctor in Gilbert, AZ.

To Manage Your Chronic Illness

According to a report, about 6 in 10 Americans suffer from chronic illness. It is one of the top reasons for death and disability. Moreover, they are a major reason for high health care costs.

Common chronic illnesses include COPD, heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, and diabetes. The primary care doctor in Gilbert, AZ, ensures that your chronic illness is under control and you lead a healthy life.

To Monitor Your Health

Your primary care physician in Gilbert, AZ, will offer you medical support when you are sick and ensure that you live a healthy life. You can visit them for regular check-ups and maintain your blood pressure and diabetes level.

For a Reliable Referral to Specialist

Your primary care doctor will offer a referral to a specialist such as an oncologist and neurologist in times of need. They will also work with a specialist to offer you the required healthcare assistance.

To Establish a Medical Home

Your primary care doctor will help you to establish a medical home. It is a place where you can seek support when suffering from acute illness. It is a place you can visit for medical assistance or prescription refill.

Establishing a medical home means that your primary care physician will have a history or record of your health, looking out for trends and underlying concerns. It will ensure that your treatment is effective and on the right track.

To Live a Healthy Life

As per several studies, people with primary care physicians are healthier than those who do not. You can book a routine check-up or cancer screening, including mammograms, to ensure that your body is healthy and doesn’t have any underlying health concerns.

To Lower Your Health Care Cost

Did you know that having a primary care physician can lower your healthcare cost? With regular check-ups, screening, and communication with your doctor, you can lower your overall healthcare cost.

Regular screening will help you detect any disease such as cancer at an early stage. Thus, making the disease easy to treat and preventing it from developing.

The Bottom Line

Having a primary care doctor can greatly influence your health. They will have your and your family member’s medical history and are thus ready to help whenever required.