PRP Injections Therapy: An Effective Treatment for Hair Loss 

Hair loss is one of the most common issues worldwide in both men and women. Today, every other person is dealing with hair loss. There are seemingly plenty of various hair loss treatments, and one proven effective is the PRP injection therapy for hair in Gilbert, AZ.

In this treatment, a PRP is a substance drawn from the blood and injected into the scalp that helps heal bodily tissues and follicles, resulting in hair growth. If you haven’t heard of PRP therapy and are struggling with hair loss issues, let us discuss what you can expect from this effective treatment and the perks it offers.    

  • What exactly is a PRP Therapy?

In PRP therapy treatment, a medical professional put a blood sample into a centrifuge, a machine that spins rapidly and separates the blood components. Furthermore, medical professionals extract the platelets with the help of an effective PRP injection therapy for hair in Gilbert, AZ.    

PRP contains a wide range of proteins and growth factors, speeding up tissue repair and hair growth. Since PRP therapy has been a popular method for restoring hair growth, many doctors recommend using PRP treatment to treat hair loss and thinning issues. 

  • How is PRP Therapy Effective for Hair Loss?

Though PRP therapy treatment in Gilbert, AZ, has been effective for various issues, you can also use it to treat hair loss. This therapy ensures thickness and fullness in the hair, targeting issues in various areas.

Also, it works best in the areas of miniaturized hair follicles, making it effective and safe for both males and females struggling with hair loss issues. 

  • What can You Expect after PRP Treatment?

PRP treatment is quick and lasts for 30 to 60 minutes. Besides, with this treatment, most patients do not experience any side effects except minor soreness and swelling, which will eventually go away in a day or two.

Also, depending on the injection zone, your medical professionals can recommend that you limit severe physical activity for a few days to help maximize the healing process. 

Wrapping it up!

PRP therapy treatment in Gilbert, AZ, has shown promise in hair loss management and other health issues. Thus, PRP therapy could be an excellent choice if you are experiencing pain or healing from past injuries from orthopedics, sports medicine, aesthetics, or sexual dysfunction.