3 Facts Every Man Should Know About the Sexual Dysfunction

Male sexual dysfunction includes problems ranging from low libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and other problems. Many men know these problems are common, but they can be difficult to discuss. Many men wait months or years before discussing the issue with their primary care physician.

Fortunately, normal and abnormal male dysfunction is better understood medically today than ever. Male sexual dysfunction doctors in Arizona have an insight that sexual problems may signal a cardiovascular or another medical issue as it has the connection between male sexual, physical, and mental health.

Any man that experiences a change in libido, erection, or ejaculation should bring this up to their primary care physician and take advice for sexual dysfunction therapy in Gilbert, AZ. Any issues that last for several months may indicate more serious medical problems that should be addressed.

There is a strong connection between sexual dysfunction and our mental health.

Mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric illnesses, can lead to many sexual disorders. There is a strong connection between depression and ED. Sexual function is often improved by controlling, addressing, managing, and alleviating anxiety and depression. There are many treatments and sexual dysfunction therapy in Gilbert, AZ, that can help. We incorporate mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and relaxation techniques to make the experience more accessible and enjoyable.

  • Some changes in sexual function are normal with age.

Some changes in libido, performance, and function are normal in aging. As you get older, you need more time for direct stimulation. If you feel these changes are not enough to improve normal age-related changes in sexual function, sexual dysfunction therapy in Gilbert, AZ, can be beneficial. Your doctor can help you distinguish between normal and more problematic, including medical changes.

  • Improving your overall health improves your sexual performance

Male sexual dysfunction doctors in Arizona say that there are many interrelated things regarding our health. In fact, the cardiovascular, nervous, hormonal, and psychological systems all interact for sexual performance. A healthy lifestyle can go a long way in improving sexual function. Improving your diet, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising regularly all contribute to improving your overall health and, in turn, your sexual health.

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